Welcome to the text generator LoremIpsum360 ° also called dummy text, bolo bolo, Latin text, alternative or filler text. This page offers a free and simple online tool to generate random texts in different languages.


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Introducing LoremIpsum360 °
LoremIpsum360 ° presentation.

LoremIpsum360 ° is a free online generator false text. It provides a complete text simulator to generate replacement text or alternative text for your models. It features different random texts in Latin and Cyrillic to generate examples of texts in different languages.

LoremIpsum360 ° also gives you the ability to add punctuation marks, accents and special characters to be closer to the French or other languages. Also if you want to see the results in different fonts, you will find many features to set such as font-family, font-size, text-align or line-heigh.

Lorem Ipsum uses.

A Lipsum is a text used as a substitute in the absence of the final text of a model or a website. Lipsum comes from the contraction of the best known alternative texts: "" Lorem ipsum "". This type of text is also called white text, fake text, false, fill text replacement text.

The use of dummy text is common since the 16th century in the print media and composition. The false content has been democratized in the 60s when the company specialized in typo Letraset, published planks with Lorem Ipsum. In the computer age, many software for word processing or page layout using these texts as the default template, hence its presence on construction sites.

Lorem Ipsum origins.

Lorem Ipsum has been the standard since the late Middle Ages. A painter would have mixed pieces of text into a specimen book and it is this text that we would use today. Another version says that this is an excerpt from the book of Cicero: "" De Finibus Bonorum and Malorum "" sections 1.10.32 / 1.10.33. This book, very popular during the Renaissance, is a treatise on the theory of ethics.

It seems that only some excerpts from the original text appear in the Lipsum commonly used, and that a series of letters have been removed or added at various points in the text over time. This is why there are nowadays a number of text Lorem ipsum more or less differ from each other. Due to its production date, use Lorem ipsum is no longer subject to copyright and avoids any copyright issues.

Lorem Ipsum benefits.

In some agencies in the 90 circulated a text called the "yellow tram" or "yellow subway" sensible replace Lorem Ipsum to give a more modern look to content. But too many people were looking to read the text when it was in French or English, the desired effect was not achieved. Working with readable text, containing directions can cause distractions and this can help to focus on the layout.

The advantage of Latin origin and nonsense content Lorem ipsum prevents the reader from being distracted by the content of the text and thus can focus its attention on graphic design. Indeed the text Lorem Ipsum has the advantage in contrast to a generic text using variable word length to simulate a normal occupancy of the model so that it matches the final product and to ensure future unaltered publication.

Lorem Ipsum limits.

One limitation of the use of the false text in the web design is that this text is never read, it does not check its actual readability. Moreover formulas designed with dummy text tend to underestimate the space forcing newsrooms then make simplistic titles or inaccurate, not to exceed the allotted space.

The false text also gives not a realistic overview of typographic grayscale, especially in the case of justified text. The spacing of the false text is still somewhat higher than with a real text, which will present look darker and less readable than the false text with which the designer made his trials. This can distort the final presentation of printing.

Lorem Ipsum, software.

Many software tools make available random texts filling to create fake content directly in their environment. This can be in the form of software to install on your PC or Mac, or as extensions / plugins to install into your existing software (word processing / browser / web site creation / design ...).

You can find functions or install plugins to generate Lorem Ipsum text in your text editing software like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, Notepad ++ or Lotus Notes; your presentation software like Keynote or Pages; your CMS like Joomla, Drupa, Mambo, PH-Nuke, WordPress or Movable Type; your web browsers like Chrome; your desgin software like Photoshop.